What We Do

Hanover Dairies have been delivering milk since 1976 and over the years built a wide extensive network across the North East, North West and South England. We can provide delivery services to homes, shops, businesses and schools.


We provide services and support to independent dairymen nationwide. If you would like to discuss the possibility of being supplied by us, just give us a call.


We can provide deliveries direct to your store on a regular and flexible bases that suits your business needs.

Homes and Businesses

Our wide network of experienced dairymen can deliver to your home and business across the North East, North West and Scotland.


We are proud that we provide fresh milk deliveries to over 1000 schools that help with keeping our children healthy.

Where does our milk come from?

Our journey begins in the lush emerald pastures of the British isles, nourished only by rain and sunlight.

The dairy herds can roam freely among hectors of arable land set aside for grazing. This diet changes for only a few months each year when the cows are fed hay through the winter.

Milking is carried out daily by a completely automated process with no discomfort to the cows’.

The milk is then delivered directly to the milk processing plant, modern and efficient with a very low carbon footprint that pasteurises and bottles the milk within hours of arrival.

Crates of the fresh milk is then delivered to our strategically located depots, where our milkmen collect load onto the milk floats and then deliver to your doorstep.

Environmentally Aware

We deliver milk in environmentally friendly returnable glass bottles and recyclable plastic containers.

We guarantee that all milk we deliver is sourced from British dairy farmers.

The traditional doorstep milk delivery from your local milkman is and always has been environmentally sustainable by using reusable glass bottles. The switch from plastic to glass is easy and will help make a big difference to our environment.

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